Barrel's Core Values

At Barrel, our team culture is driven by a common drive to do great work for our clients. The following Core Behaviors characterize our day-to-day interactions and what we expect from each other:

Continuous Growth & Learning

  • Self-initiated efforts to strengthen knowledge and skill sets required for the job.
  • Proactively reading new materials and experimenting with new methods/tools to be more effective at the role.
  • Awareness of limitations/weaknesses and open to constructive feedback; puts in a sincere effort to grow and improve in these areas.
  • Always seeking and identifying smarter, better, and more efficient ways to do the work.

Focus & Discipline

  • Organized, motivated, and efficient in executing required tasks and contributing to the team.
  • Able to meet deadlines and over-deliver on client expectations.
  • Consistently deliver high quality work and going above and beyond; a zero tolerance for the bare minimum.
  • Proactive in self-managing priorities and getting the work done effectively in a timely manner.

Team-First Mentality

  • Willing to help team members and freely volunteer time and effort to make them better.
  • Taking responsibility for your actions vs. blaming others. Pointing the finger inward.
  • Taking the time to share knowledge and contribute ideas and skills to help others get better at their jobs.
  • Able to respect, empathize with, and see from the perspective of team members on points of disagreement.
  • Taking pride in the success of the overall team and the achievement of other team members.

Positive Attitude

  • Consistent in the use of positive language and encouragement of team members.
  • Open-minded and optimistic about new challenges and eager to confront and solve unanticipated difficulties.
  • Able to stay calm, poised, and respectful to others through all kinds of stressful and high-pressure situations.

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