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Development Lead

We are Barrel.

…a creative and digital marketing agency.

We work with exciting lifestyle brands such as KIND Snacks, Peloton, Wanderlust, and Sakara Life.

We design and develop user experience solutions.

We help clients with various e-commerce and marketing challenges.

We’re a tight-knit team based in New York City.

We want you!

Web Developers
Software Engineers
Technology Leaders
Release Engineers
DevOps Masters
Experienced Testers

Candidates with at least 2+ years of professional experience in web development. Agency experience a plus.

We are looking for good people.


Can you communicate articulately your technical and conceptual thoughts within cross-discipline teams?

Do you like actively collaborating in a team setting, participating in workshop sessions internally and with client stakeholders?

You firmly grasp web tech.

We kind of expect you to already have a firm grasp of HTML5, CSS3, and JS.

You should know how to leverage BEM and write ES6 modules.

You have a willingness to learn Vue.js or any other new tech on the fly.

We have best practices and support a number of standards—can you adopt those patterns, question them, and drive new thinking forward?

Also pick one of either WordPress or Shopify.

Good command of feature compatibility across browsers.

Good understanding of build tooling like gulp, grunt, and grow—knowledge of Webpack and Postcss a plus.

Git is not just GitHub, it’s a tool to control the history of code, and you know how to navigate it, and you’re eager to get better at it.

Making AJAX requests and leveraging APIs is already something you’ve done several ways.

Knowledge of SEO and accessibility best practices, and an extreme willingness to improve the baseline.

Good understanding of how the web works—how assets are loaded by browsers, how that affects performance and speed, and how to optimize against those limitations.

We want detail-oriented thinkers.

Visual eye for design nuances – ability to accurately interpret designs and fill in the blanks when viewports haven’t been explicitly designed.

Technical writing, especially for specifications, comes easily for you.

Identify project risks and downstream impact of new features.

Manage many small tasks at once

Awareness of their own pace of work – accurate estimation.

Commitment to taking ownership of the code you create by testing it across browsers before making it someone else’s responsibility.

We seek leaders.

Peer-reviewed code work when acting as a lead.

Prototyping unknown solutions

Knowing the steps to quickly debug issues as the come up

Apply today.

Study—link to best practices and tech stack.