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Bathroom Talk With Who Gives A Crap’s Instagram

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Who Gives A Crap Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

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Who Gives A Crap, a certified-B corporation toilet paper and bathroom company, uses their social media to cement their commitment to sustainability and connect with their audience through education and humor.

The company uses their Instagram Highlights to feature topics like FAQ, Donations, Impact, and About The Brand. This offers similar content that is also on the website in bite-sized accessible chunks, easier to consume on social. 

Who Gives A Crap Instagram profile

The company continues to educate customers about sustainability and how to live a more sustainable life on their Instagram. Who Gives A Crap shares environmental facts about toilet paper such as how many trees it takes to make regular toilet paper versus their sustainable bamboo or recycled toilet paper. In this example, they make the facts more accessible by using common buildings (Sydney Opera House) to represent the forest size of the trees needed to make regular toilet paper.

Who Gives A Crap sustainability comparison social post

While the news about global warming may feel daunting to their community, Who Gives A Crap creates content that shows the positive efforts climate activists are making to help the environment. This includes how Ai is helping the Amazon Rainforest, how the Ozone can recover within 50 years, and how the Patagonia founder is fighting climate change.

Who Gives A Crap's good news round up

Who Gives A Crap celebrates other brands who share the same eco-conscious mission as theirs through their ‘Plastic-Free products’ series. This is a recurring series where they ask their customers suggestions about other brands they can spotlight that have similar eco-conscious values.

Who Gives A Crap 'Good' series spotlighting other sustainable companies

They mix more serious sustainability content and humor to not overwhelm customers, but still show that they share the same values as their customers.

Who Gives A Crap created a climate change form that outputs a pre-filled email that customers can send to their local representatives to share why climate change matters to them. They contrast the seriousness of this content with memes and tweets that will make customers feel less stressed about the impending climate change crisis.

Who Gives A Crap auto generated climate crisis email and memes

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