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Beis Unique Approach to Displaying Product Information

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Beis The Convertible Weekender

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Beis, a celebrity-owned company creating travel gear for the modern traveler, leverages a balance of visual and written content to educate customers about their products through the buying journey. 

With a wide range of products, from bags to accessories, Beis implemented navigation that guides customers through their core collections and product categories. There is the thoughtful placement of which sub-navigation uses text, imagery, or both. 

Beis' Navigation

As a feature on their PDP, Beis integrates with a comparison tool to help a customer understand the specifications of their products by comparing their products to a person’s height and common travel items. 

Beis' compare tool on the product detail page

Customers can easily toggle through color variants on the PDP that automatically change the images on the page to reflect the selected variant. Customers see their products in action on PLP with a hover over the product card or in the product carousel directly on the PDP. This is relatable content that can help customers in the buying process.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of beistravel.com