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Sunday Riley


Breaking It Down: Sunday Riley’s Secret to Instagram Marketing For Their Most Popular Product

What We Bought

Sunday Riley Good Genes

1 fl oz/30 ml
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Sunday Riley, a DTC skincare brand backed by science and powered by botanicals, uses their Instagram to promote and educate about their most coveted product, Good Genes

Sunday Riley’s Dedicated Good Genes Instagram Story

Sunday Riley has an Instagram Highlight dedicated to Good Genes to spotlight the powerful ingredient combination, product benefits, and why customers love it.

Ingredient and Benefit Feature on Sunday Riley’s Instagram Story

Sunday Riley layers in education in an accessible way so that customers can learn more about the product’s ingredients without needing a science degree. They explain how the product’s key ingredients — purified lactic acid, licorice, lemongrass, and arnica — work together to deeply exfoliate and boost radiance. 

Influencer Content on Sunday Riley’s Instagram Story

They also mix in influencer content to leverage social proof when showing how the Good Genes works and why their customers rave about it.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of violettinder.com

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