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Building Better Habits With Quip’s Bundle Builder

What We Bought

Quip Slate Metal Electric Toothbrush

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Welcome 10% Discount

As routines go, brushing your teeth is one of the most ubiquitous activities that you do every day (at least, we hope you do). Routines & habits are deeply ingrained in dental care and by proxy, Quip’s mission, and Bundle Builder. 

The start of Quip's Bundle Builder.

Quip prioritizes bundles over one-off products by naming it ‘Bundle & Save’ and having it as the first item in the nav list. At the top of the Bundle page, Quip greets customers with key information to make a cogent purchasing decision: 30k+ reviews, a ‘what you get’ list, and an ‘every 3 months’ list allow for easy parsing. 

Quip's custom bundle product detail page.

To further their mission to “guide good habits,” the bundle page defaults to a subscription plan that refills their Quip items every 3 months. This sticky bar stays with users as they scroll through the page, allowing them to change their bundle to a one-time purchase if they desire. Customers can also include add-ons to their bundle with one click.

Quip's cart and checkout process.

Quip is aware that building habits is not an easy task. Their simple-to-use bundle builder guides customers with important content, key social proof, and customization options that feel robust but not overwhelming.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of getquip.com

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