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Cat Person


Cat Person Delivers Purr-fect Cat Food Straight To Your Door

What We Bought

Cat Person Starter Box

Date Purchased:
June 1, 2022
Coupons Used:
Wet Starter Box Offer - $6 Off

Cat Person creates food and goods for cats by using cat psychology and behavior in mind while designed to fit a modern cat owner’s aesthetics.

Photo from Cat Person

Cat Person’s cat food is known to be high in protein, uses simple ingredients, and has a variety of flavors to fit any cat’s palate. Their subscription meal plan comes with free shipping, 10% off every order, and is easy to modify or cancel. 

They offer a Starter Box before your first month to test out their cat food – guaranteeing both the cat’s and owner’s satisfaction. There are two options of the starter box to fit your cat’s diet: Wet & Dry Starter or Wet Starter. 

Cat Person's Questionnaire Pages

After determining which Starter Box is right for your cat, Cat Person asks you a series of questions to get a better understanding of your cat’s food preference and customize the meal plan to fit. The illustrations and commentary as you answer each question makes the experience delightful as it feels very personal to you and your cat. 

Before receiving the recommended meal plan, Cat Person asks for the customer’s email to ensure an account is created on their site. 

Cat Person's Meal Plan Confirmation Page

The confirmation page shows the recommended Starter Box and Meal Plan with dates of when the subscription begins. They provide the option to modify flavors and quantities to ensure the customer has full control over their shipment.

Cat person surprises customers when they receive the delivery with a free gift that goes along with your Meal Plan - their Serve & Store set to enhance the feeding experience.

Cat Person sends a food transition guide email as soon as the Starter Box arrives.

As soon as the Starter Box was delivered, Cat Person sends an email with step-by-step instructions on how to introduce new food to your cat. This is quite relevant because most cats do not like drastic changes to their routine and it helps guide cat owners in easing their cat into the new food.

Photo Credit:

Thumbnail photo courtesy of catperson.com