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Cat Person


Cat Person’s Clever Packaging Turns Into a Cat Toy

What We Bought

Cat Person Starter Box

Date Purchased:
June 1, 2022
Coupons Used:
Wet Starter Box Offer - $6 Off

Cat Person, known for designing products with your cat’s best interest in mind, has a cat food line that prioritizes a cat’s diet with more protein, grain-free, and low carb using straightforward ingredients.

The package arrives in a box with their branded illustration of cats and cat owners on the outside. The inside of the box is colored in the brand’s blue along with verbal teasers on the flaps to get cat owners excited about what’s in the box.

Cat Person Starter Box opened

The box contains the variety of selected wet foods and an instructional pamphlet. The wet food is packaged in individual boxes by flavors with its respective illustrations. Each package lists out the ingredients and their percentages, letting you know exactly what’s in it. 

Cat Person Pamphlet

The pamphlet explains more about the company and has a QR code that takes customers to a Food Transition Guide, Assembly Instructions, and Steps for Turning Your Box Into a Cat Toy

In case people are unsure how to scan the QR code, they’ve listed steps how to - being mindful of those who aren’t tech-savvy. The last step says to crumple the pamphlet into a ball and offer it to your cat as a token of affection. It’s a thoughtful way to recycle the pamphlet and make it an experience for cats.

We received the Chalet Box which transforms the box into a little house.

The box can transform into one of the three cat toys: the Paw Puzzler, Chalet Box, or Cat Condo. Knowing how much cats love boxes, they were thoughtful of upcycling the packaging.

Photo Credit:

Thumbnail photo courtesy of catperson.com