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Not Pot


Chill Delivered Straight to Your Inbox With Not Pot

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Not Pot CBD Sleep Gummies

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Welcome $4.20

Not Pot, for-good online CBD company, surprises and delights customers through their email marketing.

Email modal and footer on the Not Pot’s website

The website provides multiple pathways for users to to sign up for email including a modal, in their navigation, and in the footer. Customers are incentivized with a $4.20 off their first order: the dollars off are a fun nod to the 4/20 holiday which the brand supports.

The Not Pot’s welcome email

Not Pot’s welcome email translates the same look and feel from the website to email through their custom iconography, chill gradient, and liquid looking buttons. The email first delivers customers a discount code so they can get their first order discount. The email also promotes some of their top products with a small description of the benefits of the product, knowing customers may be weary of CBD products.

Not Pot’s second email in their welcome series

After the welcome email, the Not Pot sends an email about the company including information about the company’s mission, testimonials, and highlight their for-good Not Pot Bail Fund.

The Not Pot’s welcome email 3

To calm customer’s CBD and weed concerns, they send a dedicated CBD cheat sheet email that describes what CBD is, how it’s extracted, and the way the customers will feel.

Not Pot’s order confirmation email

While other transactional emails can come off as sterile, and not branded, Not Pot even translates their branding to their order confirmation email to make for a more seamless experience at every brand touch point.

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Photo courtesy of notpot.com