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Clean Skincare Made Easy with Kosas’ Seamless Ecommerce Site

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Kosas Chemistry Deoderant

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Kosas, a clean skincare and makeup company uses their website to merchandize collections, educate customers about clean skincare, and illustrate how to use products together to build a skincare routine.

Kosas Homepage

The homepage uses the first two modules to merchandise collections, specifically their build your own lip gloss kit and their foundation set. This modules changes frequently so the user is always engaged with new products, promotions, and collections.

The Homepage’s collection highlight module

They use uniquely designed sections to merchandise similar products including their iconic brow brush, all clean paraben free deodorant and body washes, and foundation set. They allow customers to choose the product variants right from the homepage and add to cart without even going to the product listing page.

Kosas’ about page

Kosas’ cult following is devoted to their mission of clean skincare, so the company dives deeper into this story on their About and and ‘Clean’ pages. They surface their founder, Sheena Yaitanes’ story including her degree in Biology, life-long history making make up products, and how she launched Kosas. 

Kosas’ Clean Page

Their Kosas Clean page leads with full product and ingredient transparency including a “None of This” list which are 2,700 ingredients that are harmful that are not in their products. 

In contrast, they include a “Lots of This” section and tie the positive ingredients directly with their products. They boast having clinical proof for their products from these powerful, clean ingredients.

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Photo courtesy of kosas.com

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