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Sunday Riley


Converting Customers Through Education: Sunday Riley’s Key To Creating A Cult Following

What We Bought

Sunday Riley Good Genes

1 fl oz/30 ml
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Sunday Riley, a Green Lab Certified DTC skincare brand, has amassed a cult following for their most beloved product, Good Genes. They use their website to dive deeper into the effectiveness and benefits of the product through a dedicated landing page and on their product page.

Good Genes Feature on Google Search

When a customer searches the company on Google, Sunday Riley features Good Genes as one of their Paid Ad quick links. This link directs customers to an ‘8 Reasons People Love Good Genes’ marketing landing page. This landing page breaks down the product's ingredients, explains the benefits, and boasts Good Genes' certifications (Green Lab Certified, Sustainable, and Leaping Bunny Certified).

8 Reasons People Love Good Genes Marketing Landing Page

On the Good Genes product page, Sunday Riley educates their customers and uses social proof to create confidence when a customer purchases their products. They highlight clinical results, with impressive numbers such as “100% of women said their skin looked and felt significantly smoother and more radiant with visibly reduced lines and wrinkles.” 

Sunday Riley’s product page

They leverage videos to show Good Genes in use and identify the skin types that this product is best for, with specific instructions if you have sensitive skin.

Sunday Riley also dives into the product's ingredients and how they work such as licorice, which naturally brightens and improves skin radiance. 

Sunday Riley’s Product Page Reviews With Skin Type And Concern Called Out

The company encourages customers to identify what type of skin type they have and their biggest skin concern when filling out a review for the product, so that customers can find reviews relevant to their own skin type.

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