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Delivering a Warm Email Welcome with Brandless

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Brandless Greatest Hits Bundle - Remixed

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Brandless welcomes you to their community warmly, specifically with their Welcome Series emails. By offering their free shampoo for any $1 spent, this quickly encourages subscribers to click back to the shop and claim their free gift.

Brandless welcome email with free gift offer

The welcome series of emails not only offers users a free gift, but also suggests a good place to start shopping. In this case, they recommended the Greatest Hits Bundle. The language they use is also friendly, funny, and approachable, which is consistent with the voice & tone on the website.

Brandless free gift reminder

After joining the mailing list, additional emails promoted activations like Flash Sales offering the promise of even further-discounted prices. The simplicity of the email designs are in the large headlines and single-minded messages, allowing users to focus on the primary call to action.

Brandless flash sale email

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