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Dagne Dover


Designed for Function: Dagne Dover’s Website Mirrors its Problem-Solving Bags

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Indi Diaper Backpack

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Dagne Dover makes high-quality, versatile bags made with premium materials that aim to make customer’s lives easier through good design and practicality. Their website and branding reflects the aesthetic of their products, which evoke a modern and minimal vibe that’s attractive to anyone interested in functionable fashion. 

Dagne Dover’s website has a site-wide promotion ticker banner that draws customer’s attention to new product launches, the latest promotions, and different causes or charities they’re supporting.

‘Collection’ pages, which include different categories like ‘travel’ and ‘baby bags’, showcase styled product imagery and videos that give customers a unique and ‘real life’ view of their products. Users can click through to product detail pages directly from these images and videos, which differs from the traditional way of navigating to products through product listing pages.

Product detail pages of best-selling items are linked from the homepage.

The product detail pages present a breakdown of their products’ unique features that showcase its full functionality, which include videos that demonstrate products in action. 

A sticky ‘add to bag’ button always appears within mobile product detail pages at the bottom of the screen, making it simple for customers to add products to their basket wherever they are on the page. 

Dagne Dover’s founder’s story.

Dagne Dover’s website also includes content about their founders and the company’s mission on their Philosophy & Founders page, creating an emotional connection between visitors and brands by learning about their story.

Dagne Dover’s position on environmental responsibility, including their ‘Almost Vintage’ page, which sells pre-loved Dagne Dover products.

Dagne Dover states their stance on environmental responsibility and shares their efforts in trying to become a more eco-conscious brand. To minimize waste, the company uses scrap materials for product sampling, and they have an “Almost Vintage” section where customers can sell and buy second hand items, marked as ‘pre-loved.’ The company also uses innovative materials that require less water, energy, and create less greenhouse gas emissions.

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