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Emails Don’t Have To Be Boring: Omsom’s Strategy For Engaging Customers Through Email Marketing

What We Bought

Omsom Lemongrass BBQ Starter 3-Pack

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:
What We Bought

Southeast Asian Omsom Sampler

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:

Omsom is an AAPI, women-owned cooking brand that reclaims and celebrates proud loud asian flavors. They seamlessly integrate their bold branding across all of their channels to ensure that they look and sound consistent whenever communicating with customers. 

Omsom uses their transactional and marketing emails to introduce customers to the company and their founders, provide status updates on orders, and spotlight their loyal community.

Omsom's Transactional Emails

Rather than using standard, templated post-purchase emails, Omsom takes their transactional emails as an additional opportunity to integrate their branding to make the emails more engaging. Each email, from the order confirmation, the delivery notification, to the arrival notification has a different look and feel and gets customers excited by what’s to come. 

When customers receive an email letting them know their order has arrived, they are encouraged at the end of the email to share their cooking creations on Instagram or TikTok and tag Omsom.

Omsom's Welcome Email Series

When a subscriber first signs up for Omsom's email list, they are greeted with an introductory message from the founders Vanessa and Kim. This letter shares why they founded Omsom and the key value props that keep their customers engaged with the brand. This level personalization helps customers create a deeper connection with the company, knowing that the founder’s heritage is core to the products and their ingredients.

Omsom's promotional emails

Omsom features not only products in their emails, they also share cooking tips and recipes to help inform customers how to best use the products. They also offer these recipes on their website through the blog.

Photo Credit:

Thumbnail photo courtesy of omsom.com

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