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On Running


Find the Perfect Fit with On Running

What We Bought

On Running Cloud 5

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On Running, a Zurich-based performance sneaker company, guides their customers through the purchasing experience with their on-site product finder.

On Running's product finder

For a brand with such a large product offering, users may feel unsure which sneaker is right for their needs. The product finder helps them find the perfect sneaker based on their lifestyle by asking four core questions: their preferred activity, style (low, medium, or high), type of lacing, environmental conditions they live in, and if they need water proofing. 

The product finder page starts out with a full grid of products. Each time a user selects an input, the sneakers that do not fit within that category disappear from the grid. 

On Running's 'more details' on the product finder

Under each answer, there is a ‘more info’ dropdown that describes the answers in more detail to reduce any confusion while taking the quiz. For example, their elastic speed racer is perfect for customers who are looking for a less high performance sneakers, where they can quickly step into the shoe and be on their way without lacing.

On Running's product finder result page

When a customer submits their completed quiz, a single product selection is suggested in addition to a recap of their answers. 

On Running's size guide

The shoe profile provides additional information about what the shoe is best for, the heel-toe drop. They offer the full color variants in both mens and women’s and a a ‘quick add’ feature on desktop so customers can easily add the shoe right to their cart. Within the quick add feature the company offers the size chart to make customers more confident when picking the right shoe size for them. 

If the customer doesn’t love the recommended shoe, there are two additional recommended similar products under On Running’s top pick.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of on-running.com

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