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Furbo’s Product Page Recipe for Success

What We Bought

Furbo Dog Camera

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:
New Customer 10% Discount

Popular doggie camera brand Furbo includes all the information customers need to make a purchase on their product page.

As one of the leaders in the dog nanny/camera industry, Furbo highlights the key features of their dog camera that help it stand out from competitors, like its 2-way audio capabilities, treat tossing feature, and noise and movement alerts. 

The Furbo Dog Camera product page highlighting key features. 

The product page continues to show examples of the Furbo Dog Camera in use and answers customer questions, including how it senses and captures activity, as well as a comprehensive list of common customer FAQs. 

Further down the page of the product detail page for the Furbo Dog Camera. 

Furbo also uses the PDP as an opportunity to up-sell potential customers to add a subscription to their Furbo Dog Nanny to get daily recaps of your dog’s activity at home within their app experience.

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