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Get Better Gut Health Daily with Ritual’s Subscription Program

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Ritual Synbiotic+

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30% First Month

Ritual is a DTC supplement company that offers a selection of multivitamins, probiotics, and protein powders for all ages and stages of life. They reward customers for subscribing by giving them 25% off of their first subscription shipment (the cost of each subscription after the first month is adjusted to 15% off after the first month).

Upon subscribing, a personalized landing page is shared with the customer including their name at the top, what they ordered, and educational content about having a daily routine. Ritual also encourages customers to Refer a friend for a $35 credit.

Knowing that taking vitamins is a daily routine, Ritual shares advice on how to build good habits and stick to them. They surface relevant articles about subscription and the customer’s first order so they have no questions when their package arrives. 

In the customer’s account dashboard, they are incentivized to add new products to their subscription with a 30% new years discount.

The subscriber’s products are clearly outlined including when they can expect their next delivery when they will be billed, and when the product was shipped.

They offer quick access to add other items to their subscription, as well as the control to change their delivery date. 

Subscription FAQs

Ritual surfaces subscription-specific FAQs in the account related such as information about changing delivery date, editing bundle, and updating their shipping address.

Subscription snooze flow

Customers can easily put a rush delivery on their order or snooze the order for up to 2 months. The company shares a confirmation of the shipping snooze via the website and additionally sends a follow up email with the confirmation of when the subscriber will be billed and when they will receive their shipment.

Subscription snooze confirmation email
Ritual's subscription cancellation flow

When a subscriber is ready to cancel their subscription, Ritual takes this as an opportunity to get feedback about 'What Went Wrong?' If the subscriber selects 'It's too expensive' they are redirected to a page with a 25% off discount to try and keep them before they cancel their subscription.

Ritual's subscription cancellation confirmation landing page

As a final step in the cancellation process, Ritual offers an option to snooze their order for a period of time instead of cancelling. If the subscriber still decides to cancel, they are first taken to a subscription cancellation confirmation landing page and then sent email. The email contains a 40% discount if they reactivate their Ritual subscription.

Ritual's cancellation email with 40% discount

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