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Gifts that Gift Back: How Bombas Used Their 1-for-1 Buy One Give One Model

What We Bought

Bombas Hex Tec Sock Bag

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:
Welcome Discount
What We Bought

Bombas Women's Patchwork Quarter Sock 4-Pack

$47.50 - 5% Pack Saving
Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:
Welcome Discount
What We Bought

Brightland The Mini Essentials

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:
Welcome Discount

Bombas, a 1-for-1 buy one give one direct-to-consumer apparel company, makes gifting a no brainer for customers. Gifting is at the heart of the Bombas brand, as for every item purchased, a clothing item is donated to a homeless shelter or homelessness-related charity. 

Bombas’ gift guides organized by For Her, For Kids, and For Him

Bombas helps guide customers through picking the right gift in their gift guide. They have three individual gift guides based on their core categories: Women, Men, and Kids. Each gift guide provides a curated set of products that the company determines would be great gifts for your friends and family. 

Gifting Experience in Bomba’s Mini Cart

Upon adding a product to the cart, they offer multiple options for customers to make their gift feel even more special. Their ‘Make it A Gift’ pop up provides the gift giver the option for a custom gift message, gift wrapping, a gift box, and a gift bag. The gift message comes on a branded printed card when the customer receives their purchase.

Bombas’s gift message included in their customer’s order

Bombas includes a 12 days of gifting printed piece in their gifts as well, which is a fun branded moment to reinforce how important gifting is to the brand.

Bombas’ 12 days of gifting printed mailer

Photo Credit:

Thumbnail courtesy of Bombas Facebook

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