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How Beis Uses Lifestyle Imagery to Make Their Emails Shine

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Beis, is a travel bag and accessories company specializing in creating stylish pieces without compromising functionality. They use their marketing emails to showcase their unique brand experience through product imagery and helpful product information.

Beis' welcome email

Upon signing up to Beis’ newsletters, subscribers receive a welcome email with stylized product imagery of their best sellers, customer testimonials, and a 15% off promo code off their first order. Beis uses a mix of close-up product photography and lifestyle photography that encapsulates the aspirational travel experience they want their customers to have with their products.

Beis' summer marketing email

Beis’ design system of typography and colors is effective because it creates emphasis on the product and lifestyle photography they use throughout their emails and website. Their core palette includes black, white, and neutrals, which play a great supporting role to their aspirational imagery. 

Beis' beach day email

Beis leads with inspirational product and lifestyle imagery in their emails to make them visually engaging. This allows customers to easily scan through the email to understand the premise and encourages interaction with the content. Their lifestyle imagery lets the customer feel connected to the brand and see how it may fit into their lifestyle.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of beistravel.com