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How Bloomscape’s Instagram Creates a Safe Space for Plant Owners

What We Bought

Pink Aglaonema Collection - Terracotta

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Bloomscape, a family business that comes from five generations of greenhouse growers, takes their expertise into their new direct-to-consumer plant delivery business. They put the emphasis on the family aspect of their community on their Instagram where they repost customer’s content, do influencer takeovers, and provide personalized guidance to new plant parents with their team of experts.

Bloomscape community takes over

Bloomscape engages with their community in their Instagram stories by answering personalized questions with “Plant Mom'' Joyce, their official plant expert, by sharing tips on how to take care of plants.

Get guidance from Bloomscape and “Plant Mom”

They also leverage their Instagram community by reposting unboxing experiences, new growth in customer’s plants, and fun moments like selfies with Bloomscape’s Instagram filter. They have influencer plant lovers who take over their instagram to give advice and share their own experience in taking care of their plants.  

Community moments

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of bloomscape.com

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