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How East Fork Makes Long Email Content Work

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East Fork Breakfast Bowl

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Emails are typically viewed on a mobile device, meaning brevity is key. But dish ware brand East Fork takes a somewhat unconventional approach to their email newsletters.

Whereas most ecommerce businesses create short, conversion-focused emails, East Fork takes the time to tell more of their product story. Each dish is crafted from South Eastern clay and colored with glazes they mix in house—there’s an incredible attention to detail that East Fork wants to highlight. 

In their email newsletter, they explain some of the origins of their products, like the original throwing of the dish on the wheel, or the story of how they selected their core colors. The content is long and in-depth, but makes it feel like the customer is talking directly with one of the founders. 

East Fork emails telling the color story and foundations of the Coupe plate.

Their storytelling isn’t limited to evergreen products. East Fork also takes a storytelling approach to their new product launches. For example, they released the Rococo pottery color in late October 2021, and use the product launch to send a series of emails highlighting the story behind the new color option.

The product launch emails surrounding the Rococo color release.

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