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Our Place


How Our Place Brings People Together Through Food on Their High-Converting Website

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Our Place Always Pan

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Our Place, a DTC company who creates thoughtfully designed, ethically sourced, and sustainably produced kitchenware, makes shopping exciting and easy through their website. To create a seamless shopping experience, they navigate users through the site through beautifully styled product imagery, product education, and community spotlights.

Because Our Place has a small product offering, they unpack their most loved products directly in the navigation, reducing the amount of clicks it takes to get to a product detail page.

Our Place navigation

They encourage product discovery on the homepage by unpacking the color variants in the product modules for easy shopping.

Our Place homepage

On the product detail page, Our Place uses their product carousel to highlight important features of the brand including that their product is easy to clean, includes a nesting spatula, and is non stick. They also unpack their company’s value props like free shipping, free returns, and a 30 day trial where customers can give back the pot if they didn’t like it. 

Our Place product detail page

Our Place upsells mixing and matching pots for a discount to entice customers to buy a complimentary product and increase their average order value.

Our Place Selena Gomez collaboration landing page

For their latest influencer partnership with renowned Selena Gomez they created a dedicated landing page to feature the collaboration. Using a toggle customers can easily switch between the Azul and Rosa color themes Gomez created for her products. In order to attract Gomez’s loyal and socially-minded community, 10% of the profits go to the Rare Impact Fund which supports mental health through resources and awareness. This foundation was started by Gomez when she launched her recent beauty brand, Rare Beauty.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of fromourplace.com

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