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Girlfriend Collective


How These Leggings Made of Water Bottles Made A Splash With Email Marketing

What We Bought

Girlfriend Collective R&R Lounge Legging

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Girlfriend Collective, an environmentally-friendly and ethically-sourced activewear company, leverages email marketing to share exclusive offers to loyalty members, highlight their community, and inspire their customers.

Through a mix of graphics, photography, .gifs, their email designs bring the brand to life, extending the design system from their site. Their image curation always celebrates their inclusivity, picking models that are diverse in body, race, gender, etc and specifically shows how the clothing fits on different sized models.

Girlfriend Collective's email marketing campaigns

Girlfriend Collective also uses emails as a space to talk about their sustainability and environmental impact. Girlfriend Collective pledged to remove 3,562 pounds of fishing nets from the ocean by 2021 and keeps 25 water bottles out of landfills with a single pair of leggings.

Sustainability module from the homepage

To reinforce their transparency, they share an annual sustainability report at the end of the year to summarize their and their customer’s impact on the environment. To take it a step further, the company is partnering with Unifi to create an upcycling program.

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