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How This Beard Brand Rewards You for Everyday Tasks

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Total Beardsman Beard Kit

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Live Bearded, high-quality beard products geared towards the everyday bearded individuals, rewards customers for purchases, social interactions, and creating User Generated Content (UGC) on their social media. 

Live Bearded Rewards Landing Page and Tiers

Live Bearded offers multiple tiers of rewards memberships based on total amount spent. When a customer spends $150, the “Pro” tier is unlocked and $300 to unlock the “all-star” tier. Each rewards tier gives a greater discount on future purchases, higher reward amounts in the form of beard bucks, and even free birthday gifts. The rewards tiers have their own color beard logo which is reflected in their rewards account so the customer knows which tier they are currently at. 

Beard Bucks earned after initial purchase

The reward system breaks it down so a customer can redeem 100 Beard Bucks for one dollar off a purchase, with a 500 point minimum to redeem. Customers can earn Beard Bucks in a similar fashion, one beard buck earned for every dollar spent, meaning  a $100 dollar purchase would result in 100 beard bucks earned. 

Rewards Landing Page from Live Bearded

What sets the Live Bearded Rewards experience apart is how customers can earn beard bucks in other ways than purchasing more products. Customers can also earn rewards by signing up for an account, sharing on Facebook, and uploading images to their social accounts. 

Additional Ways to Earn

Customers are able to redeem beard bucks for gift cards, which are available in five dollar, ten dollar, and twenty-five dollar increments. With the price point these products come in at, you do earn points relatively quickly, but it takes some spend to get there. 

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