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How This Premium Basics Brand Bridges The Gap Between In-store and Online With Their Website

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BYLT Basics, a DTC ecommerce fashion company specializing in premium basics through their enhanced materials, seamlessly navigates customers through their website.

Navigating the site is seamless through a robust mega menu that clearly lists out the product categories. The naming convention and order of the categories makes it easy to find what customers are looking for. 

When shopping on the product listing pages, users are able to filter the products using type of clothing, style, color, size, neck, sleeves, and more. The icons that display along with the categories and filter names provide additional helpful context when shopping.

The BYLT mobile main navigation

When shopping on the product listing pages, users can clearly see each of the colors that the products are available in by looking at the color swatches below the product card. When a user selects a color swatch, the product image updates accordingly, which allows users to see what colors they are interested in without having to navigate to the PDP.

BYLT Outfit Builder & PLP Product Color Options

Bylt’s outfit builder outlines a three step process for building their outfit, which includes selecting a top, bottom, and then checking out. While the experience is different from the normal purchase flow, users are still able to choose all the same options, like color and fabric. 

The fabrics page and the fabric options on the PDP

Knowing that BYLT’s range of premium fabrics make them stand out from the competition, each product displays the available fabrics, what materials make up those fabrics, and what makes them different.

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Photo Courtesy of byltbasics.com