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Keep Your Inbox as Exciting as Your Travel Itinerary with BABOON TO THE MOON’s Emails

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BABOON TO THE MOON, a sustainable, high-quality, travel/fashion company, uses their email marketing to excite customers about new drops and collaborations, highlight product value props, and show customers how to use their products.

A branded series of emails to promote their CDMX line of patterns

BABOON TO THE MOON bags come in a variety of colors for the outer shell and they often collaborate with artists to design patterns for the inner lining of the bags. For the CDMX collaboration, they used Mexico City as their inspiration and worked with local photographers and artists to capture the products and create the interior patterns. The design elements such as the color palette, image frame, and the CDMX logo are used exclusively to advertise the CDMX collection on social media, emails, and web ads.

This email leads to a video on Baboon to the Moon’s Instagram account

The “Ready for Everything” email is part of their “Anywhere, Everything” series, which showcases how various influencers use their bags on a regular day. A diagram is included in the email to point out the zippers, handles and materials of the bag.

A walkthrough on how to use the straps on their Go-Bag

To continue to educate customers about how to get the most out of their bag, BABOON TO THE MOON sends “How-to” emails. These “How-To” emails showcase a feature of the bag through animated GIFs so that the customer can understand how the bag functions.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of BABOON TO THE MOON

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