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Lovevery Gives Parents One Less Thing to Stress About with Easy-to-Manage Subscriptions

What We Bought

The Inspector Play Kit (7-8 months)

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:
$20 off onboarding discount

Lovevery is a montessori-inspired company that creates stage-based playthings made for babies' and toddlers' developing brains. Their most popular offering - the Play Kits - are toy boxes that include a selection of thoughtfully made toys offered as a subscription.

When logged into an account, subscribers can view all information clearly within the dashboard. 'Upcoming Orders' gives a summary of shipped orders with a tracking code to follow.

One of the nicer features that subscribers can view is a detailed description of the next play kit. This is especially useful for curious parents looking forward to the next stage of their baby’s development and the toys that will help teach them through it. The description lays out an image for each item included in the upcoming kit and the date it will ship.

Subscribers can view the next order of a subscription with each item contained inside.

Subscribers can also see a summary of the upcoming play kits, which shows the age your baby will enjoy them, the option to view the shipping and billing dates, and a ‘Prepay and Save’ prompt.

Each subscription play kit is clearly listed with shipping and billing date, and subscribers are offered the option to prepay and save on subscriptions.

Lovevery’s clear and concise summaries makes it easy for parents to review their subscription with ease and clarity. The play kits show exactly what you’re getting, when (with both listed dates and tracking details), and the date you can expect to be billed.

Photo Credit:

Photo courtesy of lovevery.com

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