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Omsom Reclaims and Celebrates Proud Loud Asian Flavors on Their Instagram

What We Bought

Omsom Lemongrass BBQ Starter 3-Pack

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:
What We Bought

Southeast Asian Omsom Sampler

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:

Omsom, a women-owned company that creates flavorful pantry staples that'll bring authentic Asian cooking to your kitchen, translates their fun and playful voice and aesthetic from their website to Instagram. They use their social to celebrate their community, spotlight brand partnerships, and reinforce their mission. 

Omsom's recipe Instagram post

Omsom has been partnering with food-related companies to extend their brand reach and attract new audiences. They created partnerships most recently with Spam, instant pot, and Chopt

Omsom's Instagram Story collaboration announcement

For their partnership with Spam, Omsom hosted a party to celebrate AAPI month and created an Insatgram post and Story to share highlights from the celebration. 

Omsom's Influencer features on Instagram

They spotlight their community in both their Instagram posts and stories, including videos of influencers with the products, noting what their go-to Omsom products are. 

Omsom's rebranding walkthrough on their Instagram Stories

To reinforce their mission, Omsom has a dedicated story to outline what they believe in and their key value props. This includes a history behind their branding, what they are not, and why their spices are unlike anyone else’s.

Photo Credit:

Thumbnail photo courtesy of omsom.com

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