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Our Place Keeps Customers at the Edge of Their Seat With Their Email Strategy

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Our Place, a DTC cooking brand that believes in the power bringing people together through home cooking, uses their emails to transport customers into the world of their brand. They extend the design of their website and evolve it further in their emails through the use of bespoke imagery, animation, and graphics. 

Our Place email campaign for their limited edition lime color

For the release of the limited edition lime color, they sent a series of emails that were designed to match the look and feel of the product. This email campaign included a teaser email before the product was released, and two promotional emails once the product was available for purchase.

Our Place campaign for the Selena Gomez collaboration

To build hype for their influencer and celebrity collaborations, Our Place sends a 'mystery email' so customers are on the edge of their seat waiting for reveal.

Our Place recipe emails

Our Place partners with chefs and influencers to curate the recipes to infuse community into the brand. They use their email as a personal recipe book, sending subscribers full recipes from influencer chefs delivered to their inbox. Throughout the email, they also promote the products and tools needed for the recipe to encourage conversion.

Our Place promotional emails

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