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Prose’s Loyalty Program is Like a Personalized Salon Experience

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Custom Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask

8.5 fl oz
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15% Subscription Discount

A common challenge for Direct-to-Consumer or DTC hair care brands is delivering a salon-like experience online so customers feel like the products are curated just for them. Prose, a personalized and all natural hair care company, leverages their loyalty program, The Salon, to help customers feel like they're continuing their hair care conversation with their favorite stylist.

As a member of The Salon, customers get complimentary products and access to content that guides them with their hair care routine. Prose incentivizes customers to purchase a subscription over a one-time-purchase by offering a 15% discount of all products and membership to The Salon. 

The product detail page as a customer purchases a product.

The Salon’s reward offer is simple — one free Prose product after every 10th purchase.  However, it also offers access to exclusive content and personalized services like early access to new products, access to their wellness podcast, and a free 15-minute virtual appointment with Prose hair-care consultants to discuss products and routines. 

The Salon's Loyalty Program Rewards

Prose takes loyalty to the next level by not only using it as a place for customers to gain rewards but as a platform that educates and guides the customer. 

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