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Shopping for Vitamins has Never Been Easier with Ritual’s Product Detail Page

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Ritual Synbiotic+

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30% First Month

Ritual creates clinically backed, high-quality, vegan, multivitamins designed to help round out your diet. Their product detail page delivers education, credibility, and benefits to quickly convert customers into lifelong subscribers. 

Ritual's product detail page leads with engaging imagery that shows the product both inside and outside of the bottle. Within the hero, customers can review the supplement facts, read about their Gut Model Study, and see the benefits of subscription (30% discount off of the first order). 

In addition to highlighting the benefits of subscription, Ritual also highlights the certifications of the product including vegan, non-GMO, and third-party testing within the hero of the page. This information is especially important on supplement sites because customers are weary about what they put in their bodies and these certifications remove the barrier to purchasing.

Their interactive ‘future of gut health module’ breaks down what’s inside of the synbiotic through a scroll-triggered animation. The graphic of the pill falls into the bottle and highlights that the Synbiotic bottle has moisture control to protect the probiotic strain.

Ritual dives deeper into their ‘Traceable Ingredients’ including the Prebiotic, Probiotic, and Postbiotic strains, suppliers, and function.

To answer any questions prior to purchasing, they surface the FAQs on the product detail page. This includes important information about their testing, how to store the pill, and when customers can expect to start feeling relief.

To continue reinforcing credibility throughout the page, Ritual introduces their scientists and expert panel, and highlights their blog articles relevant to this product.

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