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SKIMS' Email Strategy for Keeping Their Customers Waiting for More

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SKIMS Everyday Crew Sock

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What We Bought

SKIMS Fits Everybody Scoop Neck Bra

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Founded by Kim Kardashian, SKIMS is a shape wear brand that celebrates diversity through their products and community. They use their email newsletter to connect with customers through new product launches, collaborations, and user-generated content.

SKIMS marketing emails

SKIMS celebrates new collection launches through their weekly emails including the features of the products, new colors, and fabrics. Most of their emails are color themed, making the collection look cohesive through the image and product curation.

SKIM's collaboration email featuring Rosaliá

To announce new collaborations and guest designers, such as Rosalia, SKIMS uses a dedicated email to celebrate the collection. In this email sample, there is information about the collection, products, images of the collaborator. All images include the product that Rosaliá is wearing so subscribers can easily shop the look.

For the launch of their new product category ‘SKIMS Swim’, SKIMS features the full collection of products including swimware, après-swim, and sport swim. The design of the email matches the products, with cobalt headlines and buttons connecting the collection to the ocean. They use small images in a grid to highlight the entire collection so customers can see small thumbnails of all of the products available. 

SKIMS Swim Collection announcement

For their ‘New Boyfriend’ collection, SKIMS used a mixture of in-studio shot images and User Generated Content (UGC) from customers to spotlight the products. To give credibility to the UGC images, they included the handle of each user, and made each of these images click through to their social channels.

SKIMS' New Boyfriend collection email

Since partnering with the USA Olympics team, SKIMS also launched their first Adaptive Collection, which includes clothing designed around the needs and abilities of people with varying degrees of disability. This new collection further reinforces their stance on making clothes for all bodies, including how how they adapted their core products to have hook and eye closures for effortless dressing.

SKIMS' Adaptive Collection

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of SKIMS Instagram