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Girlfriend Collective


Texting Isn’t Just For Friends: How Girlfriend Collective leverages SMS Marketing To Connect with Customers

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Girlfriend Collective R&R Lounge Legging

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Girlfriend Collective, a environmentally-friendly and ethically sourced activewear company, leverages SMS marketing to highlight sales, announce new collections, and reinforce their sustainability mission.

Girlfriend Collective's SMS Program

Girlfriend Collective uses a mix of engaging graphics, photography, .gifs to bring their SMS messaging to life. Their image curation always celebrates their inclusivity, picking models that are diverse in body, race, gender, etc.

Girlfriend Collective's SMS sign up modal

Girlfriend Collective encourages SMS sign ups through pop ups on their site. Their incentive for signing up for SMS is often a higher discount than signing up for their email. The company has a persistent 'Get 35% off' button in the bottom left corner so customers are encouraged to sign up for SMS throughout their time on the site.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of @girlfriend