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The Power Of Emails: Flamingo’s Key To Success With Their Email Strategy

What We Bought

Flamingo Razor (Taro & Rose Gold)

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:
Welcome 10% Discount
What We Bought

Flamingo Razor Blades

Date Purchased:
Coupons Used:
Welcome 10% Discount

Flamingo Razor, a direct-to-consumer women’s razor company owned by Harry’s, uses their email marketing to welcome customers, highlight new products, and confirm orders.

Flamingo’s welcome email and product announcement email

The company, known for their thoughtfully designed products backed by science, brings their branding to life through colorful modules in the email, engaging gifs, and iconography to emphasize the value props.

Flamingo’s Order Confirmation Email With A Social Good Twist

Upon receiving their order confirmation, the email provides more information about when to expect the products to arrive. The confirmation email also provides information about the way the company gives back to the community — 1% of sales support non profits that improve the lives of women globally. Some include Love the Land Foundation, Period Menstrual Movement, and Exhale to Inhale

This “social good” angle of the brand shows that they care about more than their products, not only providing self-care to women through what they sell but also backing that up with a charity donation. 

Flamingo’s Product Shipped Email

To keep the transparency up, the brand sends a branded tracking email giving customers access to track their package directly from the United States Postal Service (USPS). Tracking emails can be underwhelming, but Flamingo makes sure to weave their branding in at all customer touchpoints.

Photo Credit:

Thumbnail image courtesy of Shopflamingo.com

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