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This Care/of Quiz Helps You Skip the Confusion in The Vitamin Aisle

What We Bought

Care/of Creatine

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Care/of offers personalized vitamins and uses a 5 minute quiz to help customers find the right supplements for their needs. 

The quiz starts with the basics — your age, where you live, and if you are currently taking vitamins. They move onto your health goals and ask if you are trying to find a supplement for overall wellness or a specific condition like immunity, sleep, stress, energy, fitness, or digestion. 

The opening questions of the Care/of product quiz.

Throughout the quiz, links occasionally appear at the bottom of the question to help give context to why Care/of is asking for certain information, and how it helps them determine the best vitamin mix for a given user. For example, dry skin can reveal important information about overall wellbeing, including gut, immune, and hormonal health.  

Contextual links at the bottom of the quiz help give context to the importance of certain questions.

Care/of creates a unique level of personalization with language in the quiz that addresses you directly by name. The iconography and playful typography continues Care/of’s approachable brand narrative by making the quiz and their vitamin selection seem fun and engaging.

Care/of addressing the quiz taker by name and using playful typography moments to make the product selection process feel approachable.

After completing the quiz, Care/Of, suggests a list of supplements curated for you. These can either be sticks, powders, or vitamins in a made-for-you personal mix. 

The results page of the Care/of quiz, featuring the unique vitamins selected for us.

Knowing that the customer might want to dive deeper into each supplement, clicking on a recommended product allows the user to learn more about its suggested use, ingredients, and benefits. They also highlight if the vitamin is well backed by science, what the studies are behind each vitamin, and what the findings were.

Ingredients overviews help educate consumers about the vitamins included in their mix.

Photo Credit:

Photo courtesy of careof.com

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