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Transparent and Traceable Sustainability with Mejuri

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Mejuri Dôme Hoops

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Mejuri, an every-day fine jewelry company based out of Toronto, is setting a standard for sustainable production practices by clearly communicating these operations to consumers, along with providing tangible traceability for the resources used in their products.

On their Sustainability page, the company’s jewelry ecosystem steps are outlined, as well as partners, materials, and regulation details, for full exposure into what Mejuri products are made up of and who they are working with.

Mejuri's Breakdown of Newly Mined vs. Recycled Gold

Mejuri’s ultimate goal is to have 100% traceability for all products, and has kicked-off these efforts with their 14K gold collection. Traceability for this product line involves mapping for every material used in each piece of jewelry back to its original source. With this, Mejuri and consumers can hold the company accountable to the influence its production has on the planet - helping to ensure it is in a positive way.

Now, Ongoing, and Future Traceability Practices from Mejuri

For Mejuri contacts who may miss this information while browsing Mejuri’s site, the brand reiterates these practices by email to recent purchasers.

Mejuri's Sustainability-Focused Follow-up Email to Recent Purchasers

Through these means, Mejuri empowers consumers to make more informed decisions with this type of sustainability performance transparency, which they plan to extend to other product lines in the near future.

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Photo Courtesy of Mejuri.com

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