Seriously Under Construction


We didn’t think it’d be this hard moving into a new space. The past five days have been a nonstop lesson in DIY office improvement. We’ve made close to a dozen visits to Home Depot, we spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out how to put down IKEA laminate flooring, and there’s been lots of blood, sweat, and tears shed along the way. But we’re close! And we welcome you to keep tabs on us for the next few days as we finish up a few things (wall moldings, wiring, clean-up, moving in furniture, etc.) and complete our relocation.

We’ll have the webcam on our MacBook on 24/7 for this whole week at:

Note: We don’t have Internet and we’re using our Sprint EVDO card, so it’ll look more like still-shot updates rather than streaming video.

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