The Barrel Extreme Makeover (Part 1 of 3)

After one week, we’re about 85-90% done with our new office. We moved all our furniture and equipment in on Tuesday, and although Verizon won’t have Internet access ready for us until next week, we’ve been able to function off someone else’s open wireless network.

For us, the most difficult part of the move was the flooring. We spent more than 70% of our time laying down the IKEA laminate flooring and making sure the pieces were in place. We also replaced the floor molding (the wall “trim”) and gave the lower walls a complete spackle and paint job. For less than $1,300 (and many painful man-hours), we turned our vomit-green carpet-tiled floor into a shiny, clean design-friendly surface. And no, the $1,300 does not include the beers, chips, and other comforting on-the-job commodities.

Next entry: Filling the spaces with furniture and other large goods.

Note: Photos by our intern Pramila, who was spared from actual flooring, but did stack up the carpet tiles pictured in the fourth slide.

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