DoubleTake: Kanye/Murakami and Polite Umbrella/Pillowig

DoubleTake is our weekly post on two things that catch our eye during the week.


1 We’re excited for Kanye West’s upcoming Graduation album and definitely liking the album cover that’s been designed by pop art superstar Takashi Murakami. The two are a good fit – artists whose works are often defined by their referencing and repackaging of pop culture (see: the “Louis-Vuitton-Don” and Murakami Vuitton).

2 We stumbled upon the site of Joo Youn Paek, who has a collection of very creative and witty projects. We especially love the Polite Umbrella, which you can adjust as to not brush up against others (watch video), and the Pillowig, something I wouldn’t mind wearing to work once in a while.

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