The Barrel Extreme Makeover (Part 2 of 3)


With the exception of a couch, we’ve bought just about everything we need for the office. I spent many nights browsing through Craigslist to secure some quality pieces for great bargain prices. The following search keywords yielded some great results: design within reach, dwr, room and board, eames, west elm, crate barrel. Since I repeated searches with the same words quite frequently, I found that bookmarking the results pages of each term made it easier for me to stay on top of the latest available items.

During one of our thousands of trips to Home Depot, we found this 8-bottle Magic Chef wine fridge on clearance for $49. We also picked up a Sanyo stainless steel mini-fridge from Costco.

An office is never complete without a water cooler!

The not-cold-enough 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner from Home Depot. We’re thinking of returning it.

Sharp LCD TV, a“gift” from our good friend Brandon, who moved back to the West Coast.

The sexy DWR Tavola glass conference room table and West Elm T-chairs found separately on Craigslist.

Fun Herman Miller Caper Chairs bought from an interior design company in Union Square.

Buying furniture, used or new, is never a cakewalk. There’s the task of transporting your purchase, which gets more difficult with large objects, and sometimes, there’s the hassle of having to assemble things. Luckily, we had very little to assemble from our most recent purchases (just the water cooler). Spending a lot of money on things we normally take for granted (i.e. fridge) didn’t feel so good, but we felt great paying half price or better on some of our lucky furniture finds. Now, if only the couch issue would resolve as neatly…

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