One Million Voices Launches Redesign

About 4 weeks ago, we were approached by One Voice Movement and asked to come up with a redesign for their One Million Voices website. One Voice Movement is a nonprofit organization that advocates an end to conflict in the Middle East and is supported by many moderate Israelis and Palestinians. One Million Voices is a global event that will take place on October 18th to mobilize supporters and pressure world leaders to take action.Our task, in just a few weeks, was to come up with a cleaner, more professional look for the existing site.

The old site looked like this (partial screenshot):

The header graphic, including the logo, was designed by superstar designer Stefan Sagmeister. We were required to reuse it on the redesigned site and had no problem with it. We just had to make it a bit smaller.

This is the redesigned homepage that we came up with:

And the Participants page:

Although there’s additional work to be done on the site, it was a relief to have it go public. Please check it out and feel free to let us know what you think!

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