The Barrel Extreme Makeover (Part 3 of 3)


It’s about time we wrote this entry. Our office move has been a long, drawn out process but we’re finally done! We’re excited about having a place where freelancers and friends can come to work, relax, and have fun. Given the amount of time we spend at the office (We don’t know why we have apartments), it was definitely worth going the extra mile to make it an inviting and comfortable space.

Check out many more pictures after the break. (We rented a Canon wide-angle 14mm f/2.8 L lens from Adorama to illustrate.)

Before: The office when we first checked it out in June.

After: A wide view of the office. Check out that flooring!

Another view of the office.

The work pit.

The pit from the other side.

Shelving, wine from this month’s Barrel to Bottles, and our growing collection of design books.

The last pieces added to the office – Room and Board Lenox sofa, and a painting by our friend Kelvin.

Another view of the Lenox.

Glasses and colorful mugs that we picked up from Crate and Barrel to brighten our routine coffee breaks.

This week’s rotation of literature for guests.

Wardrobe to make quick attire swaps for meetings (there’s no way we’re going to wear suits all day), and the Zero table at the entrance.

It’s been many late nights paying for this office, but we’ll be enjoying the space for years to come. We love entertaining guests, so feel free to drop by anytime!

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