The She-Creature Now Lurks


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve finally put the women’s version of our Awesome Creatures t-shirts online for sale. We’ve decided to call them “she-shirts,” and they’re selling for 20 bucks a piece. Click here to check them out.

The inspiration for the “She-Creature Pics” comes from Chungking Express, the spunky and touching 1994 movie by director Wong Kar Wai. Yes, the drug dealer played by Brigitte Lin. Thanks to the brilliant job by our female model Joyce Kim, we were able to capture some fun and interesting shots.


We had a great time finding a wig (although we wished it was more dirty blonde and less Marilyn) and the faux-suede trenchcoat. Taping up Joyce’s red Ray-Ban Wayfarers with our Awesome Creatures stickers proved to be an interesting challenge as well. We started shooting in Greenwich Village and made our way down to NoLIta. The good, post-processed pics can be found here. Some not-so-pro pics from the shoot, after the jump!

Joyce takes time to get familiar with the wig.

This is where she deals.

Up close and personal.

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  1. Charles says:

    looks awesome guys! good job

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