Wine Boxing

On our monthly mission for four superb bottles, we came across a retailer who gave us our bottle in this:


And inside, it was like this:


The Moore Brothers Wine Company, which has three locations in NY, NJ, and DE, including one on 20th Street (b/w Broadway and Park Ave.), is an innovative and forward-thinking wine retailer that promotes independent wine-growers from around the world. It only seemed natural that a retailer like this would offer a sturdier box rather than a flimsy plastic bag.

Very Vinotech
As much as we liked the novelty of the box (with a handle), the stark white and uninspiring blue logo screamed out “computer hardware.” We almost expected a graphic card or a laser printer toner. Inside, we found the bottle of wine (label blurred purposely), a sheet of paper, and a promotional DVD about the Moore Brothers Wine Company. The sheet of paper, which included information about the wine and region, was a very nice touch. The DVD on the other hand – let’s just say we only took the time to watch it so we could write about what was on it.

Missed Opportunity?
While the idea of a portable box is appealing, we thought there were some areas where a little bit more thought could have added a lot more value. Here are a few points:

  • A box of a different color, maybe a bold blue or burnt orange, would have given the package more personality
  • If the white boxes can’t be replaced, a more interesting label on the box, perhaps with the region, wine type, and name of the winemaker affixed, could have worked
  • The DVD, which comes in a boring semi-transparent jewel case with a bare white label bearing the logo, should be shelved. If anything, a colorful photo-filled pamphlet highlighting the retailer’s qualities along with a link to the website (where you can also watch the video) can be more effective, since it requires less effort from the consumer
  • We liked the information sheet, but we would’ve liked to see it in a better format(2 or 3 columns) along with recommendations for similar wines in case we really like this one and a more specific list of food pairings (they only give a general background on the region’s cuisine)

Branding doesn’t just end with a sleek logo. It extends to every little detail, from the material used for packaging, to the colors chosen, and even the typefaces used on a fact sheet. The Moore Brothers Wine Company, which has a fantastic walk-in store and great customer service, should make sure the packaging serves as a lasting reminder to the customer of its high quality.

2 Responses to “Wine Boxing”

  1. Vivian Sund says:

    I’ve been to the Moore Bros in NJ. It’s right over the bridge from Philly. Those guys really know their wine. You can ask them anything and they’ll recommend the perfect wine to suit the occasion. The wines they stock are also pretty special and the price is decent. Our office gets wine from them for our annual office/holiday party.

  2. David Moore says:

    Well! I’ll take the criticism constructively (and, well, a little personally) as I designed the logo. I’m looking into ways to provide the information on the “information sheet” in a more lively manner, but if you understood the software issues involved you’d likely think more highly of the the whole process. Be that as it may, thanks for something to think about. DM

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