New Barrel Site: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

Having completed a number of projects recently, we felt it was time to update our portfolio. What should’ve been no more than a day’s worth of updating turned into a full week’s effort of revamping and redesigning the site.

Did We Mention Bigger?
With a growing number of projects and clients, our small layout felt a bit limited and too static. We expanded the layout a couple hundred pixels and added a few dynamic features, such as a direct feed from this blog, two random displays from our portfolio, and a smooth Javascript slideshow. We like to say that “less is more,” but sometimes, having more just gets the job done. Oh, and we used a lot more colors this time around.

It’s All About the Work


The primary function of our new site is the showcase of our work. After much thought, we decided to present ourselves as a web-focused design company rather than a one-stop shop for identity, print graphics, and other kinds of design (we’ll still take on such work, but not pro-actively). This way, we can focus on doing what we do best – making websites. To reposition ourselves as a web design company, we included more website screenshots and detailed descriptions for each project. Also, as our self-initiated projects have matured over the past few months, we felt that they deserved to be noted along with our client work rather than kept separate without details. A quick walk through our portfolio will give you a good sense of our design aesthetic and capabilities.

What Next?
When it comes to our own site, it’s tough to be completely satisfied. We can already see ourselves working on minor enhancements here and there along with backend fixes to make things run more smoothly. We also have some bigger features we’re looking to add later on, including a detailed section on what clients can expect when working with us and also a page that lists some of the tools we use on a daily basis. Through our new site, we hope to give current and potential clients a clearer view into our company and a better understanding of how we work.

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