All this, just for some TV!


After moving into our office a few months ago, we discovered that our building isn’t wired for cable TV. Time Warner said it would cost over a thousand dollars to get cable installed (no way!), so we looked for alternatives. Having done a similar connection at home, we plugged the TV into our Macbook using a DVI cable, and we’ve been able to feed our favorite TV show downloads through the Macbook.


Recently, we slapped ourselves in the forehead and realized that there’s free public HDTV available over terrestrial airwaves. We ordered a Terk amplified antenna (any set of rabbit ears will do) and an Elgato EyeTV Hybrid HDTV tuner (our TV doesn’t have a built in HDTV tuner) for the Macbook. The included EyeTV software is superb and everything works beautifully.

Despite the technical difficulties, we’re now able to get pretty much anything we want on our TV. This goes to show you can get by these days without an expensive cable TV contract!

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