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Postcard from Seoul, Korea

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

We’ve been out here in Seoul, Korea for the past week working on a project for our long-time client Lex Kim English School. The time has gone by really quickly here – we’ll be back in the States in a couple of days.

Other than the first few days when each one of us caught the stomach flu in succession, things have gotten easier for us, including going to sleep at the right time and working through the afternoons without falling asleep. We’ve been indoors most of the time because of the cold weather and the work, but we’re looking forward to sightseeing more of Seoul this weekend. Some images from our trip:


No trip is complete without good eats. Visit our new concept research blog Happy Bibimbap for details on some of the meals we had on the trip.


We walked around a small historic village museum on the north side of Seoul.


We were given our own space to use as our temporary office in Lex Kim’s newly renovated headquarters. Right, a view of the new library from the entrance.

More photos of our trip can be found on Sei-Wook’s Flickr.

Unrelated: a pic of our office made it into Apartment Therapy (fourth pic)!

Bringing Galicia to Your Dinner Table

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

A friend of ours recently told us about percebes (goose barnacles), a type of shellfish that grows on rocks where water hits hard. They’re especially popular in Spain, where they’re steamed in stock or wine and served hot, much like mussels. They’re said to taste like crabs and even lobster although with a more snail-like texture. It’s a tricky process harvesting them, and in some instances, people have drowned going against the hard surf.

A percebes harvester.

A close-up of these mean-looking shellfish.

Why do we bring up percebes? Although we’ve yet to try them, we’re thinking they’d go super well with our February line-up of Barrel to Bottles: Albariño. These white wines from Galicia (that’s northwest Spain, by the Atlantic Ocean) are prized for their ability to pair with seafood, and nothing gets us excited like the thought of delicious (new) food and great wines. Check out all four bottles, and make it a point to pick up some fresh seafood this month!

An Albariño vineyard in Galicia.