Growling on a Saturday

We have to admit – we sometimes find work more appealing on weekends. Whether it’s to take care of bills and other paperwork or to get a head start for the next week, we like rolling in after brunch and hanging around the office for a few hours. It’s a good feeling – no calls from clients, no urgent deadlines (in most cases), and we can play music without worrying about anyone else in the building (we’re usually the only ones here).

And of course, there’s the drinks-before-5PM-without-guilt factor. Today, I happened to walk by Grab, a specialty food store in Park Slope, and noticed their growlers – 64 fl oz. jugs – and their selection of three beers: Brooklyn Summer Ale, Hitachino Nest White Ale, and Sixpoint Bengali Tiger. The growlers went for $4.95 each (refundable if you bring them back) and to fill up, they cost $9.95, $22.95, and $12.95, respectively. I bought all three, Brooklyn Summer Ale for a party later today, the Hitachino Nest White Ale for home, and the Sixpoint for the office.

Grab Growler - Sixpoint Bengali Tiger

Grab did a great job in designing the growler – simple, 2-color type design with some clever wordplay.

Grab Growler - the back of the jug with text

The back of the jug, with the fun symbol art equation and the well-written fine text is a nice example of how good design can transform take-out beer into a memorable consumer experience.

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