Two T-shirts for Pre-Order

We’re excited about our new t-shirts that’ll be available in a couple of weeks.

We’ve set up a Barrel store using Big Cartel (it’s so easy!)

Barrel store on Big Cartel

The first t-shirt is an Awesome Creatures Underground shirt in the vein of our popular Awesome Opossum shirt. We’re not going to release the design of it yet, but you can pre-order today and save yourself five bucks (orig. $20) plus free shipping.

The second shirt is a versatile political shirt that celebrates this year’s Presidential Election with a clever design. We think people will have lots of fun with it, and this too, is available for pre-order for five bucks less (orig. $15) and free shipping.

And in case you’re buying for Autumn weather, check out our Barrel Athletics long sleeve, going for $17 a piece.

Please visit the Barrel store and check it out!

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