We’re happy to have such inspiring people join the Barrel family in 2013. To support our growth and to deepen our expertise, we introduced new team structures.

team members
new full-time hires

Web Operations Team

We assembled a dedicated team to take the lead on all system admin, quality assurance, and content management responsibilities. Our three Web Ops Analysts — Zack, Sylvia, and Angela — play an important role in every Barrel project and continually elevate standards in website performance.

User Experience Team

We assembled a focused UX discipline to better advocate for user-centered and content-driven approaches. Angel and Yvonne led the way, making great strides in new processes and establishing UX at Barrel.

Summer Internship Program

Our 2nd annual Summer Internship Program was a success. The 10-week program is filled with learning opportunities that allow our interns to gain skills across and within disciplines. Our 2013 interns Cindy, Isha, and Catherine were staffed on client projects and led a slew of extracurricular initiatives.

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